Best Custom Shot Skis For Weddings & Parties

Pulling out a shotski at a wedding or party is for sure an instant hit. You may have seen these and even participated with 3 others to down a shot of bourbon, whisky, or vodka. But if you don’t know what a shotski is, the origins came from using a discarded downhill ski and placing 4 shot glasses equal space apart so that 4 people can down a shot all at once.

Many people claim that they invented the shotski including Jimmy Fallon, but many are settling that the University of British Columbia ski team came up with the original idea. Regardless of where it originated from, the shotski is a party starter and in my opinion, everyone should have one. So in the rest of this post I’ll go over some of the best custom shotskis that I have run across so far.

Palace Shot Ski – Best Quality

the shotski1

Our Recommendation

Our favorite Shot Ski is this number from Palace. Why? It’s sculpted from solid wood, and with a durable waterproof, so it feels substantial and is built to last. And because it’s made from solid wood (black walnut or Canadian maple), it looks absolutely like a pair of gorgeous classic wood skis on your wall.

It uses magnets to fasten to shot glasses, which function surprisingly well in use. And as importantly, then create a perfectly smooth ski silhouette when it’s on display (other shot skis have ugly plastic showing). Finally, it’s laser-engraveable, for the perfect gift.

If you care about design and the aesthetic of your bar, this is the Shot Ski for you.

The only downside is the cost. At $300 (or $550 for two), this Shot Ski ain’t cheap. But it’s milled out of solid wood, so you get what you pay for.

This is the nicest ‘ski’ I have found to date. This thing is solid hardwood (black walnut or maple). This is a premium piece for your home bar, and you can even get it customized which is great for weddings or for staking your claim in your home bar. Look at the personalization we did on ours.

the shot ski review

About the Shot Ski

The Shot Ski. An icon of ski bars all over the world. No day on the mountain is complete without one.

For those unfamiliar, a Shot Ski is a long ski with shot glasses attached (usually four of them). To use it, friends line up, one person per glass. Then you fill the shot glasses with liquor and tip the ski back, forcing friends to drink the contents of their glasses at the same time (or risk getting covered in liquor).

Traditionally, a Shot Ski is a beaten-up old ski that’s had shot glasses jerry-rigged to it. However, since the invention of the device, designs have come a long way. In this guide, we tell you what to look for when purchasing a Shot Ski, make a buying recommendation, and offer some creative ways to use it.

Why the Shot Ski?

Because drinking with friends is fun.


Half the reason we ski is so we can party afterwards. And most of our favorite Apres-Ski memories feature a Shot Ski prominently. There’s something weirdly magical about lining up and taking a shot with your four best friends (or strangers), while decked out in sweaty ski gear. It gets every party started

Turn it up a notch

shot ski at parties

When you pull out a Shot Ski at a party, the whole room immediately transforms. Everyone wants to see what’s going on. If you want to make your evening more than just another night, add a Shot Ski to it.

Get the Picture

Something about doing a Shot from a Ski makes all the cameras come out. We’re not entirely sure why. But the evidence is always appreciated.

And if you switch your LinkedIn headshot to one of you using a Shot Ski, your DMs will get a lot more interesting.

Buyer’s Guide: What to Look for in a Quality Shot Ski That Will Last

Build Quality

First and foremost, a Shot Ski should be built well, just like you are. That means durable and substantial – to survive whatever your friends throw at it. It should also be waterproof (liquor-proof).

Display / Aesthetic

Shot Skis were historically made of battered old skis. But we’ve moved passed that. Shot Skis are now a staple of home bars (and if your Ski Chalet doesn’t have one – is it even a ski chalet?). As a result, you want something one looks great when on display and elevates the aesthetic of your home. Your Shot Ski should look the part.


This one’s obvious. The Shot Ski work well for taking shots. That means it must be easy to attach and detach shot glasses to the ski. And drink from them. You don’t want any glasses falling off the ski when you tip it back.

shot glasses for shot skis

Personalization and Customization

Shot Skis make exceptional gifts. Weddings, birthday’s, father’s day, prizes. As a result, the ability to personalize the ski is an added bonus.

Our Budget Pick – American Gear Company Shot Ski

american gear company shot ski

For a more wallet-friendly option, consider this Shot Ski from the American Gear company. It’s made from waterproof resin to last. And it has rubber grommets to fasten to shot glasses. In addition, it is completely customizable with your own artwork.

The downside of this ski is that may want to put it away after you use it. It is cheap, cheerful and functional. But it’s nothing special to look at. If you care about the design of your home bar, opt for the Palace Shot Ski instead.

10 Total Score
Best Shot Skis for Parties

Best Shot Skis for Parties

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