How Many Calories Are In A Shot Of Whiskey? (Favorite Brands Listed)

If you are like me, you never really considered the calorie count of a shot of whiskey while sitting at the bar. Just keep ’em coming is the motto. But did you know that whiskey is actually pretty heavy when it comes to the calorie count?

The average 1.5oz shot of whiskey is around 105 calories for 86 proof.

Now that’s quite a bit if you are watching the waistline during the day with a diet but you could be killing it if you end the day with just a few shots.

One positive is that whisky is low in carbs.

BrandCalories (per 1.5oz shot)ABV
Jack Daniels98 calories40%
Crown Royal Special Reserve96 calories40%
Johnnie Walker (Black Label)98 calories40%
Wild Turkey98 calories40%
Glenfiddich Scotch 98 calories40%
Jim Beam Kentucky Straight Bourbon100 calories40%
Jameson Irish Whiskey104 calories40%
Chivas Regal Premium Scotch104 calories40%
Fireball Whiskey108 calories33%
Johnnie Walker (Red Label)105 calories43%
Bulleit Rye109 calories45%
Maker’s Mark110 calories45.5%
Woodford Reserve110 calories45%
Teeling Irish Whiskey110 calories46%
Knob Creek Bourbon120 calories50%
Wild Turkey 101125 calories50.5%
Dalwhinnie141 calories57.8%
Cragganmore147 calories60.1%
Elijah Craig Barrel Proof170 calories57%

Can you gain weight by drinking whiskey?

Too much of anything is bad including whiskey. In addition to ~110 calories in a shot, when you consume any type of alcohol your metabolism is kicked into gear to eliminate the alcohol from your body before it starts to break down anything you have eaten recently. So if you drink whiskey with a high carb meal, it will be ~ 1 hour before your body starts to break down all those carbs.

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