History Of The Hobby Distiller’s Association

The Hobby Distiller’s Association was advocating for legalization of hobby distilling in America. As of 2020 it seems the fight has stopped. There were not enough funds backing it to take the fight forward.

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This page was created to honor the legacy of the fight Rick Morris started and to perhaps keep a flicker of hope in this cause. Perhaps they will pick it up again.

From the original website:

The Hobby Distiller’s Association was formed with the initial intent of working as a strong, unified voice in an attempt to change federal legislation in the United States, finally getting hobby distilling recognized and given the same legal standing that are afforded to hobby brewing and wine making.

As the organization came together and more input was offered it was decided that the HDA would first pursue legalization federally, and subsequently assist where possible on an individual state level, and potentially even use our model to help gain legalization in other countries.

While legalization remains our primary objective, the association intends to expand into more standard hobby association type activities once that has been achieved. This will mean offering a number of member benefits that will be discussed as progress is made on the legalization front. To that end, we are always happy to hear your thoughts and take them into consideration.

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