How Much Wine Will Get You Drunk?

What happened? Did you party with friends, drank wine, got drunk, and blacked out? I know that happens a lot! That’s exactly why it’s always best to know how much wine will get us drunk before we pass the limit. 

An average amount of 4-6 glasses of wine could make most people drunk. Try drinking a glass of water between the drinks; this could reduce the effects of alcohol on you.

However, the exact answer for the amount of wine or alcohol you could consume before getting drunk depends on a lot of factors, and mainly on you. So to give you an exact answer to that question is beyond my capabilities. But that doesn’t mean I can’t give a rough estimate, to give you an average answer. And that’s exactly what I’m about to do on this post, help you figure out your alcohol tolerance and help you find out how many wine glasses you could drink before getting drunk.

Wine contains an average of 11.6 percentage of alcohol in them, so an average person who weighs less than 250lbs would probably get legally drunk by drinking 2-3 glasses for an hour. Though, this might differ under some circumstances.

For me (I am a hard drinker haha), it takes at least a bottle and half of wine to get drunk, drinking more alcoholic drinks has made me more resistant to wine I guess. When I first tried wine it only took me 4 shots to get drunk so for first-time drinkers, I reckon 4 – 7 shots would be enough to get you drunk. And also remember this, the older you are the easier you get drunk!  

Can You Get Drunk off Wine?

Wine is said to be much more alcoholic than beer with it containing 11.6% alcohol concentration while beer will have only about 4.5%. So, wine could easily get you drunk, especially because they are sweet and addictive. Sometimes, even without our knowledge we would find our glasses empty and refilling them. 

The alcohol concentration of each wine type is given in alcohol by volume format on their respective bottle’s label. But still, it doesn’t mean that wine can’t make you drunk. If you drink more than your alcohol tolerance level, then it’ll end up making you drunk. 

Factors That Affect Your Alcohol Tolerance

Effects of alcohol differ from person to person. A friend of mine can drink a couple of glasses and still have control over her, while another will blackout with just a single glass. If you are a regular drinker, then your alcohol tolerance would probably be high and you’d be able to handle more than two glasses. But if you rarely drink, then you might even get drunk before you even finish your second glass. By a full glass, I mean a standard glass; there are different types of wine glasses worldwide.

1. Alcohol per Drink

The most obvious factor is the content of alcohol on the wine you decide to drink. Different wine types have different alcohol levels. Even a person who drinks for a long period of time might get drunk easily with just one glass in the presence of very strong wine. 

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2. Body Mass

Did you know that your body size could also affect the amount of alcohol or wine you could consume before getting drunk? If a person has a lot of body fat or body weight, he or she could have a high alcohol tolerance level. The larger the body size, the more wine someone could drink. There you go, that explains why your weightier drinking buddy could drink more than you could.

3. Age

Another factor is age. While the youngsters can hold their consciousness for a long time before getting drunk, the elderly might lose control a lot faster than they used to while they were young. So if you are in your 30s and are wondering why you can’t drink a lot like you did before, go ahead and blame your age. Okay, maybe don’t, it’s not your fault that you age. It’s just the way our human body functions. 

4. Gender

Even your gender affects your alcohol tolerance. If you are a female, you might notice that you get drunk a lot faster than your male friends do. This is because our body contains an enzyme called alcohol dehydrogenase which aids in breaking down alcohol compounds. Alcohol metabolism rate differs from male to female because female bodies have less of these enzymes than males have.

5. Ethnicity

Some even say that a person’s nationality affects their alcohol tolerance. If you are an Asian, your maximum level of alcohol consumption would be less than a non-Asian. According to scientists, this is because Asian genes have had a mutation that reduced their production of alcohol dehydrogenase enzymes. 

6. Mood and Food

Other factors like your mood and the food you eat also take part in how fast you might get drunk. But these don’t really affect a lot. If you are in stressful times or are depressed, you might get drunk faster than you do when you are happy and so would if you drink on a full stomach and not an unfilled stomach. My friend also tells me that alcohol tolerance runs in the genes since he could drink about two bottles of beer just like his mother can, while I could only go with two cans only.

Will a Bottle Of Wine Get You Drunk?

Drinking a full bottle of wine would probably get you drunk, especially if you are a first-time drinker. However, I don’t think that it would be a great idea to consume that much alcohol at once. You should also care about your health!

While drinking wine is considered to be healthy, overconsuming it isn’t great practice, even if you have a high tolerance. An average person is instructed to only drink two glasses of wine, while a woman is advised to only drink one glass of wine per day. This would be both healthy and safe for you. Overconsumption of wine or alcohol can result in severe long-term effects which might not be that great.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many glasses of wine to get drunk?

I can probably take at least 7-8 glasses before getting drunk. If you are a first-time drinker I reckon you could take about 3 or 4 glasses, you could even do more before getting drunk if you drink alcohol often.

How many glasses of wine to get drunk?

A typical glass of white wine contains around 10% alcohol, so drinking a 250ml glass of white wine means you drink 25ml of ethanol. For me it would take about 10 – 12 shots of white wine to get drunk

How much red wine to get you drunk?

Most red wines are fermented to “dryness.” This means that all or almost all of the sugar is converted into alcohol, which can result in a wine with high levels of alcohol content – up to 14%. Red wine is much stronger than white wine, so for me, it’s usually 8 -10 shots before getting drunk. If you are a first-time drinker 5-8 shots would be enough to get you drunk

What Happens When You Get Drunk on Wine? 

According to your level of drunkenness, your behavior and the effects of alcohol will change. If you are in the beginning stage of getting drunk, you might feel a loss of balance and loss of coordination. Further drinking can lead to an upset stomach, loss of mobility, slower reaction times, loss of self-control, and even loss of consciousness. 

If you come to a state of losing your coordination and control, make sure to call in a friend or someone to pick you up before you lose it. Or you might end up in very tough situations.

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